Little Oak Vineyard Joins Cotswold Taste

Little Oak Vineyard is pleased to announce that it is now a member of Cotswold Taste, a member-owned food and drink cooperative.

Gemma attended the Cotswolds and Three Counties hospitality networking evening in January 2020. It was a great turnout I was able to catch up with Astley Vineyard and Woodchester Valley. I listened to a lot of inspirational and interesting speakers, the one speaker that really inspired me was Nick Waloff from Cotswold Taste. I introduced myself to him and shortly after the event Nick and Chris from Cotswold Taste visited us at Little Oak Vineyard and we bagan working together. Nick is full of enthusiasm and shares his knowledge and contacts with us.

Cotswold Taste are working with a huge amount of food and drink companies within the Cotswolds, take a look at their website.