2020 Vine Lease Annual Wine Parties!

On the 1st and 23rd August 2020 Little Oak Vineyard Hosted their vine lease members annual wine party. 

This is an event where our vine lease members are able to try our new vintage before we share it with the general public.  

This year we were tasting our 2019 Siegerrebe!  I am pleased to say that it went down a storm,  it is a full bodied,  crisp aromatic wine with hints of pear drops and tropical fruits.  

Both events were highly successful even with a pandemic going on around us,  we managed to organise social distanced tables outside and we had great fun!  

Our fantastic butcher Robbie Walker and his team did us an amazing BBQ,  Steve cooked some Dolmades (stuffed vine leaves) from our very own vines) and the atmosphere was fantastic. 

During the 2nd Annual wine party Nick & Judith Hooper played some beautiful music for us on arrival of our guests,  it really added to the ambience.  So a huge thank you to Judith, Nick Hooper and their daughter Rose.

Thank you to everybody that attended,  we look forward to welcoming you to our 2021 Annual Wine party!  You can view more pictures of the 2nd party in our gallery

If you would like more info on leasing a vine,  you will find all the info here 

Thank you for your continued support!