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At Little Oak Vineyard we aim to produce wine of the highest possible quality (read that as the nicest possible to drink!), That is irrespective of how much hard work it takes. We will not compromise quality to save a little on the cost of production, we feel the vineyards superb wine justifies such a ruthless attitude. Quality in all respects is our goal, rather than just returning a simple profit from the vineyard.

If we wanted to compromise then we would have chosen grape varieties that are easier to grow and cultivate in British climates. The main grape we grow (Siegerrebe) produces a unique and very special wine (the grapes are very different when grown in other climates), the wine produced by these grapes in Britain is simply superb. The principle grape (Seyval Blanc) we use for our sparkling wine is more difficult than many of the other varieties used to produce sparkling wines in British climates, The sparkling wine it produces on its own is outstanding. We have gone one step further and blended our Seyval with a small amount of our Siegerrebe grapes to produce our sparkling wine, the combination is fantastic.

To quote Steve Wilson (Director of Little Oak Vineyard):

This quote from Hemmingway is also very apt:

When talking of the main type of grape we grow, the quote below sums up Siegerrebe very well:

The “news” page links to our blog and gives details of the vineyards progress in the current year and  also to any special offers or events.

Our sales are normally direct to our customers, however our wines may also be enjoyed in a number of quality pubs and restaurants, these can be found both local to the vineyard and nationally in the UK.

We have special pricing for quantity purchases, if you need more than 4 boxes in one order please fill in the form on our order page and we will let you know a price for your quantity purchase.

Purchases for less than 4 boxes will normally be processed for next working day delivery and may be ordered with our online ordering ( this is on the “Prices” page option which drops down when you click on the “Sales” tab on the main menu - click the buy now button to order your wine)

To have a chat or to arrange a visit please feel free to contact us,

“Our wine is one we proudly drink ourselves, and we are very fussy!. If you try it then I think you will understand our ethos,”

Welcome to the website of Little Oak Vineyard.

“Wine is one of the most civilized things in the world and one of the most natural things of the world that has been brought to the greatest perfection, and it offers a greater range for enjoyment and appreciation than, possibly, any other purely sensory thing.”

The curious thing about the vine is that it actually produces the best wine at the limit of its possibilities. In very hot countries it produces quantity but not quality, in cool countries it can produce quality but not so much quantity. So in England, whilst disappointments will be many and quantities will generally be small, quality can be outstanding and can equal or beat the best of any other wine-producing country in the world

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